0818-11 Hand Dyed Organic Polwarth Wool Top

0818-11 Hand Dyed Organic Polwarth Wool Top


What can I say, Polwarth wool is one of my favorites to spin. It drafts beautifully (I think it’s easier than Merino) and is next-to-skin soft with a lot of bounce. You can spin it worsted or card it into batts and make a nice fluffy woolen yarn for hats and scarves. It’s a great versatile wool for beginner and advanced spinners alike.

  • 100% Certified Organic Polwarth Wool Top from small family farms in the Falkland Islands. Processed the UK

  • 22 microns combed top spinning fiber

  • Next-to-skin soft and bouncy with good drape

  • Hand dyed by 222 Handspun using professional acid dyes. Cool water rinsed and colorfast.

  • Enough to make a skein of yarn for a hat or cowl

  • Felts nicely

Approx. 4 oz

From the supplier: “Sheep that are raised organically are not subject to mulesing, and they are not dipped for pesticides. In addition, the number of sheep allowed to graze in any give pasture area is limited to the natural carrying capacity of the land. And as with most wool that comes from the Falklands, it is very white.”

Gently hand wash in cool water with mild wool detergent. Air dry to avoid felting.


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